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Radio personality Miss Thang receives Queen’s Birthday award

Governor Sir Richard Gozney and Premier paula cox flank the trio who were presented with their Queen's Birthday Honors at Governors Ceremony.

Miss Thang, the HOTT 1075 Radio on-air personality,who is sometimes known as Christy Burgess, ‘did her thing' in grand style when she went to Government House last week to receive the Medal and Badge of Honour for which she was named in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. Kristy, who is more often heard than seen, shared the spotlight with two other ladies, Myrtle (Sally) Perinchief and Linda Sousa. The trio were honoured for public service, particularly their out-of-the-ordinary interest in the welfare of people of all ages. Miss Thang is especially passionate when it comes to promoting the welfare of children through her popular radio shows. Mrs Sousa is Executive Director of the WindReach Village in Warwick. Mrs Perinchief, the wife of Collington Perinchief, Somerset, is an active member of the St James Anglican Church Guild and the St James Stage Group.



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