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I knew this was something I was born to do

After losing her job two years ago as radio personality ‘Miss Thang', Kristy Burgess had reached her breaking point.

For eight years the job had given her a platform to inspire listeners and help the community through gift-giving schemes like her Christmas Wish List. To say that Ms Burgess loved every moment of her time on the airwaves would be putting it mildly.

And while being pulled off the air was a “painful experience”, it forced her to channel the negative emotions and anger into something positive.

Ms Burgess decided to get onto a new path and use her “God given gifts” for communicating, motivating and helping people to try her hand at a new career.

These days she is working as a certified life coach, looking to focus her efforts on helping teenagers grappling with depression, lack of motivation or low self esteem.

She said: “I knew life coaching was the right move because of how everything fell into place, from finding the right school to talking with the professors, etc.

“Within doing my research I was still being inspired daily by renowned Life Coach Iyanla Vanzant, motivated by [author and motivational speaker] Les Brown and confirmed by Pastor Joel Osteen.

“So all in all, I knew this was something I was born to do.”

Ms Burgess said she has always had an innate ability to relate to other people and understand what they were going through.

All her life people have asked her for advice or guidance on everything from how to handle their relationships, deal with an unprofessional manager or get their children motivated.

“The amazing part is in all cases people strongly believed I was advising them correctly,” she said. “When I was introduced to the idea of becoming a life coach, my immediate thought was ‘why not?'”

Ms Burgess recently graduated with a certification in life coaching at the top of her class at South West Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona.

She is currently studying for an another designation that will help her to coach young women in self-esteem and character development. That programme should be completed by July 15.

While she is looking to help anyone ready and willing for change, she is especially passionate about working with young people, after seeing an influx of teenagers battling with problems.

“Some are sabotaging themselves by using alcohol and drugs, while others are choosing to engage in illicit behaviour,” Ms Burgess explained.

“I have noticed that some of our young girls have not been taught ‘self-respect'. They haven't been taught the fundamentals about being a lady and the importance of having integrity.

“While some of our young men have lost focused. They feel that there is no hope. Unfortunately, they too have fallen prey to peer pressure within our society.”

In her opinion, many young people are not succeeding in life because they feel that no one believes in them or cares.

“Some young people have never heard the words ‘I love you' or ‘I am proud of you',” she said.

“My desire to work with teens stems from my passion for young people. I genuinely want to see them excel beyond their wildest dreams. I believe in them and I know with the right attention and training tools coupled with my expertise, I will enhance an unfocused or non-motivated teen into one who knows their self-worth [and who has] confidence and respect.”

Ms Burgess said it has been rewarding to realise a new dream and be able to fulfil it, thanks to determination, precision and her faith in God.

But there have also been challenges. She admitted she can sometimes be her own worst critic and had to use daily ‘words of affirmation' to remind herself of her own strength.

She said she was looking forward to helping people of all ages tap into their full potential.

“On the outside someone may look like they have it all together,” she explained. “They are the ones that drive an expensive car, they have a six-figure salary or they appear to [be getting it right] when really their home life is a mess. They don't have a relationship with their children whilst their self-esteem is at an all-time low.

“If this sounds familiar to anyone, I'm positive my coaching skills coupled with my gifts and passion will be the answer that they're looking for.”

In addition to her life coaching, Ms Burgess has recently found a new spot on local radio station FM89.

For more information on her coaching business, Direction 2 Destiny, e-mail



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