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My Angel, My Heart, My LOVE, My Twin…

When I think of my mother, I automatically start to smile. She was the epitome of beauty whilst her smile would light up the darkest of any place. She was a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day.

Who was she you ask? She was my mother. Known to many as “Patty”. A slim girl who radiated beauty from Harlem Heights, Baileys Bay. She loved to laugh, she loved fashion and she loved life.

Before I came into this world, she met this good-looking man by the name of Kingsley. From the time they met, they were inseparable. She was his air, and he was her sunshine. If love ever had a face, it would be theirs as one.

Then I came along. Planned from the very beginning, my mom was determined to have her little girl. 

A princess arrived on May 4th, now love had a new face. I was her world and of course her little princess. 

I was a “Daddy’s Girl” from the very beginning and to this very day, nothing has changed.

When I think of my mother it feels like a lifetime ago, but I know she is with me and when our pictures are side by side, I smile and say, “My Angel, My Heart, My LOVE, My Twin, My Mom".

I will never forget

Patricia Ann Melanie Burgess aka “Patty” (1986).

Love Your Princess 👑 

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