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Happy 1st Anniversary Miss Thang & Hubby! Congratulations!

Sending a very special Bermuda Real ‘Shout Out’ to our long time sister/friend and colleague and her husband celebrating their very first wedding anniversary this weekend.

As many of you will know, around this time last year she was on her honeymoon after the much touted ‘Royal Wedding’ on September 17, 2020, at Sandy Mount Estate in Hamilton Parish.

Congratulations Kristy ‘Miss Thang’ and Vaughn Joseph!

When contacted by Bermuda Real, she said: “This is our 1st Anniversary as husband and wife. The wedding was called ‘The Royal Wedding’.

Asked what they were doing to celebrate this weekend, she replied: “I am NOT giving away what we are doing!”

She also recalled how their original wedding day was supposed to be on April 17.

“But last year, a couple of weeks to a month before, the Premier shut the island down,” she added.

“We had to go through all the phases and we chose, September 17th. The #17 we kept. 17 is a powerful number. 1+7=8 and the #8 means ‘New Beginnings’ and #17 means VICTORY.

On a personal note, Ms Jospeh recalled missing both of her parents on that special day.

“The gentleman whot gave me away was Mr Anthony Simons, who is my uncle; who assisted in raising me while my father was incarcerated, with Vickie Simons (my mom’s sister).

“They raised me after my mother, Mrs Patricia Burgess lost her battle to a rare form of cancer.”

She died when Kristy was only 8-years-old in 1986.

“But to me it feels like a lifetime,” she said.

Wishing you Miss Radio Personality and Vaughn, owner of Prestige Transport, the very best of well wishes this weekend!

Here’s to many, many more!

Stay safe and well and far away from all of this COVID uptick business!

As for this second honeymoon weekend Miss Thang – We Expect You Back On The Air Bright & Early Monday Morning!

Lots of Love, from our house to yours – We LOVE YOU and You Both Know This For REAL!



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