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Miss Thang's Miracles for our SENIORS. 🎁 #Bermuda 🇧🇲 #Seniors #givingback #Christmas #MissThang

🎁 Miss Thang's Miracles for our Seniors ~ If you know me, you know that I have a passion for people and I love children and our beloved seniors. ❤ I came home one day and said, "God wants me to feed our Seniors for Christmas". I knew this was what I was suppose to do. Obviously life showed up and I had pushed it to the side. Becoming agitated and not knowing why, I realized I made a commitment and I need to follow through so here I am. 🇧🇲 Our Seniors have paved the way for us and I am using my gift to give back by saying, "Thank you" and "We Love You". ❤ Miss Thang



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